Taneia Dowell 
Charlottesville Commissioner of the Revenue 

About Ms.Dowell

Taneia Dowell has shown interest in business and public service since the early stages of her childhood.  Much of that interest was driven by studying her father, Wallace Dowell, a long time small business owner who has served and employed several of the citizens of Charlottesville.  Taneia learned from him that being self-employed required perseverance, fortitude and sacrifice. 

As result, after graduating Charlottesville High School, Taneia went on to earn a Bachelor of Science degree at Virginia State University (VSU).  While studying Business Management at VSU, Taneia started her own business, White Glove Cleaning Service.  In that capacity, she offered quality service   to residential and commercial clients within and outside of Charlottesville, VA.   Taneia later joined the family businesses as the Executive Administrator of Landpower Landscaping and General Maintenance, which includes managing six properties in Charlottesville.   More exclusively she is the Executive Manager of The Tenth Street Bed and Breakfast located in Charlottesville.  
Taneia has continued to maintain her roots in the Charlottesville School system as a highly demanded short- and long-term substitute teacher.  As a substitute teacher she connects with the students and parents in a manner that has garnered her respect from all.  She is passionate about promoting literacy and assisting in the advancement of youth.  

Taneia takes pleasure in helping others and giving back to the community. She volunteered with the Democratic Party in Charlottesville, on the Obama Campaign, during the 2012 Presidential election. She has volunteered with various programs in the Charlottestville School system.  Taneia is an active member of the Order of the Eastern Star in the state of Virginia.  As an Eastern Star, Taneia has held office on the local and state level and currently holds the office of Associate Matron in her local chapter. 

Now as a mother, Taneia aspires to pave the way for her daughter by working hard, maintaining integrity, and serving others.